Mark Smith

I am Mark Smith, the CEO, and founder of Projector Crunch. I have studied Electric and Computer Science Engineering at the California Institute of Technology..
Born and bred in the city of California, I had a deep interest in various technological gadgets and scientific applications since I was a teenager.
With a passion to pursue a career in the tech industry, I continued to serve my niche and gained extensive experience and adept knowledge in different types of emerging tech products.

Having worked in the technological corporate sector for more than 10 years, I have extensive knowledge and expertise in different types of projectors and their accessories.

Specializing specifically in the product category of projectors, I understand how important a good quality projector is for not just corporate presentations but also for family entertainment and other media-related activities.

Passionate to share my projector skills and expertise with others, I decided to start this website ProjectorCrunch.

Through this platform, I strive to educate and guide people about the diverse range of projectors available in the market. We offer them a reliable source of information and genuine reviews enabling them to make high-value purchases without any hassles.