How To Watch TV On Projector Without Cable Box?

With the changing advanced ways of entertainment, most people are well aware of the projectors for big-screen entertainment compared to the TV, which has a cable box with a set of channels. But people who love big screens for entertainment do not know how to watch TV on projector without cable box or if we say that there are multiple ways that you can forget your simple TV with a cable box.

Today, this article will discuss all the methods to enjoy your favorite TV channels on a projector without using any cable box. Let’s get started!

Methods How To Watch TV On Projector Without Cable Box

Before jumping into the process of watching TV without the cable box or how you can achieve it. Let’s first have a look at the devices we need:

HDMI Cable: The most crucial thing you will need to form any connection between the projector and entertainment devices is an HDMI cable. First, look into the ports on the device to buy the cable accordingly. Otherwise, it can ruin your experience.

With the old version of the projector, it might be possible that you will not find any HDMI port, but if a projector has a VGA port given, then you can use the given port with the relevant cable to get the same connection.

Fast Internet Connection: High-speed internet connection is a must to achieve a smooth viewing experience. Otherwise, it will waste your time with the slow loading speed and make it difficult to watch anything.

WiFi Connection: You don’t have to choose the wired connection with your projector. You can get the WiFi-compatible projector for instant connection and a seamless experience.

Now coming to the ways you can use it as the alternative to a cable box:

  1. Streaming Devices: These devices give you freedom from old internet connections and cable boxes. You can buy one of the devices and cable to watch any show on the big screen.

You can choose Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Fire Stick, or Apple TV to get access to hundreds of movies and shows of your choice.

  1. Streaming Services: The new modern companies providing the latest streaming services make it easy for many people to watch whatever they usually see on live TV without using the cable box.

You can opt for any of the services such as Hulu, Sling TV, Youtube TV, or many more to enjoy your favorite channels as you see on the TV.

How Do I Connect My TV To Cable Without A Box?

You can connect your cable to another TV set without using the cable box. It is unnecessary to connect a cable box to every television box. Without having multiple boxes, you can still enjoy your show with a TV set in every different room. Use a cable splitter to find yourself two other connections that you can use to supply two TV sets.

Do You Need A Cable Box With A Smart TV To Watch Netflix?

It is not necessary or a compulsion to place a cable box for your smart TV to watch Netflix. You can enjoy your show through various options such as streaming devices or streaming services.

You can choose streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or HBO and streaming devices to give hundreds of options like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV to get better service than cable boxes.

How Do I Know If I Have A Smart TV?

If you want to check whether you have a smart TV or not, you should try to click the menu or home button on the remote control you have. After pressing, if you see small ads for TV shows and app logos such as HBO, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, then your TV is already a smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect Cable TV to a Projector?

You can easily connect your cable TV box to your projector with the right set of cables. Find the video out port on the TV box to join one end of the cable. Now go for the other end, which should be connected to the video-in port present on the projector.

How to connect FireStick to Projector without HDMI?

Start with the FireStick, connect it with the USB power source for regular power, and now use the HDMI adapter. Connect one end of the adapter to the FireStick & another end of a projector to the HDMI port present on the projector. Once you are done with the connection, you can turn on the projector to see your shows.

How to watch over the air TV on a projector?

If your projector does not come with the option of Air TV, you should buy an Air TV, HDMI cable, and an extra set of cables to connect the projector to Air TV. Once you connect the Ai TV by using the HDMI cable, you can use it to see your movies.

How to watch Live TV on an Outdoor Projector?

For using the projector for an outdoor projector, you need an HDMI cable, cable box, or a streaming device such as FireStick or Roku. Now you can connect one of the HDMI cables to your streaming device or cable box and another to the projector to get the desired output.

Do you need a Cable Box to watch TV on Projector?

It is unnecessary to have a cable box to watch TV on a projector. You can also use streaming devices or streaming services to get the required channels and movies at your request.


To summarize the article, we have included all the easy and feasible ways to help with how to watch TV on projector without cable box. We hope you will now enjoy your movies or shows without worrying about the cable box setup. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any further queries.

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