How To Use A Projector Outside During The Day – Best Ways

Outdoor projectors are the most fascinating or fun activity when most countries are going through a rough patch and avoid going out of their homes. You can set up the screen after finding the perfect spot in your lawn, garden, and backyard. Let’s find out the best ways how to use a projector outside during the day with the necessary circumstances you need to create a perfect open cinema or chance to get together with your family or friends.

Necessary Requirements For Outdoor Projectors

Is Brightness Necessary For The Screen?

Brightness plays a significant role in finding the right bright images during the daytime. The more radiant sun makes it difficult for the projector to emit perfect sharp images. If you have a projector with more than 5000, you will be able to obtain a crystal clear image in the daylight. Otherwise, fewer lumens will result in gray or distorted images. The bright sunlight projector will be an expensive option. Still, we will suggest trying different ways to achieve the perfect place to obtain quality images with this article on how to watch a projector outside during the day.

Lumens refers to the power of the light emitted through the bulbs used in the projector. So, bright sunlight means you will need a high lumens intensity of the projector. To get the best projection image, you need to play with the locations or appropriate lumens intensity. There is no need to buy an expensive projector as you can create better projection with the help of a projector that has 3000 to 4000 lumens and a better-shaded region.

Choose Appropriate Time For The Screening

Choosing the right time for using the projector plays a significant role. Indeed, if you have a weak lumens projector, you need to keep the factors such as rain, strong winds, or hot, bright sunlight. In the bright sunlight, you need to make some additional adjustments.

However, rain or wind can damage your screen. So, you can have excellent movie time with your family if you keep a little eye on the weather adjustments before planning any get-together. Light cloudy days with low sunlight are the best days to enjoy watching shows on your lawn or garden. Let’s find out can you use a projector outside during the day?

Choose The Right Projector Screen

A projector Screen

Coming to the projector screen, you need to clean the screen before every use to get a better projection. After that, various types of screens are available in the markets, such as inflatable, tripod screens, or hung screens. Always pay attention to the details of the screen before purchasing such as portability, are the tripod stands can withhold the weight of the screen, or do you have a safe place to hang the screen.

Without keeping these points in mind, you might be wasting your money on buying such a screen. The screen should offer you a viewing angle of 160 degrees. It makes it comfortable for every family member to get a better view whether they are sitting at the back or in the front row. For more information on how to use outdoor projector during the day, keep reading.

Create A Best Shady Area For Your Screen

What if you cannot find the appropriate place outside your home to set up your projector screen. Then it is the best time to create a shaded area for setting the projector screen to get all the clear images you want from your projector. There are multiple options, such as movable umbrellas or artificial gazebos. They will be waterproof and provide an optimal shady region to set up the screen.

You can install or use them according to your convenience without worrying too much about the weather conditions. This way you can ideally achieve clear projection by implementing how to use a projector outside during the day.

Needed Perfect Sound System

Better projection of the images or movies is not enough, and you need a perfect sound system to accompany the duo of your projector or screen. You don’t want the people to figure out on their own or try to understand what’s going on in the movie just because the sound system was not delivering the dialogues on time or has terrible sound quality.

Moreover, you need to find the proper place for setting up the sound system so that everybody can hear a loud and clear voice during the show or movie. If there is too much noise or wind someplace, you will not catch the excellent sound. Our article will help on how to make a projector work outside during the day with the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make the projector brighter in daylight?

Follow the simple steps: Get to the projector menu setting with the image source you want to use. Now press enter on the settings option. Select the brightness and press enter again. You will see the brightness mode, change them, and press enter.

Can you use a projector during the day inside or outside?

Yes, you can certainly use this projector during the day but to overcome the effect of brighter daylight, you need a projector with more lumens to get a brighter image. If you have more lumens to project, don’t be afraid to use them.

How to use a projector outside during the day to watch movies?

There are plenty of steps you need to take to watch movies outside your home. You will need a projector with more than 5000 lumens, a better shady place, an appropriate projector screen, or setting up the projector. Once you find all these you are good to go.


Hectic days of our lives do need some break sometimes. Time with your family and friends is the best way to relieve it. We hope our article on how to use a projector outside during the day will help you to create those perfect memories. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts.

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