How To Run Power To Ceiling Mounted Projector ( 2 Minutes Guide)

Buying a projector requires attention, but an essential thing you should think about is how to fix them after purchasing. We suggest our readers mount a projector with the ceiling, which involves the systematic process and ultimately offers a high-quality screen. Mounting a projector is not easy when you don’t have power outlets nearby.

If the wires hanging here and there are left to complete the setup, your living space will be a nightmare with cables. On the other side, it can hurt anyone. So, today we will tell you how to run power to a ceiling-mounted projector. There are simply two methods to achieve this. Let’s begin!

Two Methods To Install Ceiling Mounted Projector:

As we spoke previously, there are two methods that you can use to install the ceiling-mounted projector without looking chaotic at all. Along with that, you create a setup that no one will notice. Here are the methods:

  1. With Attic
  2. Without Attic

Solving the query like how to run power to a ceiling-mounted projector can be tricky because a lot of technical stuff is involved, but here we will provide every step in simple words so that you can do it by yourself or take help from an expert.

Method 1: With Attic: Let’s follow every step one by one

Attic makes the work easier for people during renovations, and if they want to add some new things, they can access a lot of stuff from the attic. Like we will do, every attic has a power outlet or primary power source that you can use to your leverage. Once you got access to the attic, it will become easier to follow all the steps precisely:

  1. Get a stud finder that keeps you from making holes in the wrong places, studs, and joists.
  2. Create a hole in the ceiling to pass a wire through it, and it should not stick. Try to make enough room while drilling.
  3. Pass the power cable through it till the time it reaches the attic.
  4. Now, look for a power outlet in the attic so that the wire you passed on can be connected to the outlet’s primary power source.
  5. Turn on the devices to determine whether the method is working.

Now, what if you find the attic, but there is no power outlet near where you want to install the projector. Then follow the steps to install the power outlet:

The first two steps are similar to the above step, but now you need to find out where you made the hole in the attic to install the outlet near it.

Once you decide on the spot in the attic, you can place a power outlet if you have prior experience. Otherwise, we suggest taking help from an electrician to get the best results. Ensure the place where you install the outlet and the projector wire should reach it properly without any extension.

Method 2: Without An Attic:

If you don’t have an attic in your house, you need to plan more accurately to get this process done. We have to plan a proper cable set up to set up the wires easily.

  1. First, we need to plan how to place wire around the wall. The wire will go from the projector to the nearby outlet using the wall cavity.
  2. Again use the stud finder to not drill into any stud or joist behind the wall or ceiling.
  3. You can also cut off the primary power source to avoid any hazards.
  4. Now drill a hole near the projector on the ceiling and move the cable through it to make it reach another end safely nearby any power outlet.
  5. Once you plug into the outlet, turn on the device to check the accuracy of the connection.

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What Wires To Run To Ceiling Mount Projector?

Cat wires are super cheap to use. You can use these category cables such as cat5e or cat6 to get the proper connection to any devices or wires. You should buy at least three pairs of cables according to the convenience.

How To Connect Projector To Ceiling Mount?

You can mount a projector on the ceiling by drilling proper holes with the help of a drilling machine and making holes according to the appropriate mapping of the studs, wires, power outlets, and joists in the wall. Once you plan everything, start mounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plug a projector into an extension cord?

You can plug a projector into the extension cord. There are only two concerns before you plan to plug in your projector. You will need a cable of extremely high power from a 200 – 300 Watts projector, and second wires in the extension cord make anyone tumble in the room, which will ultimately damage the projector.

How do you install a power outlet in a ceiling?

You can install it by finding a proper place and installing a suitable electrical outlet for placing the whole outlet. Once you see everything in place, you can secure the plugin on the ceiling. This power outlet will be powered through the power source in the attic.

Do all projectors use the same power cord?

No, not all projectors use the same power cord. Different variables work for the power cord to find how much power it will draw from the outlet. So, if the cable is compatible with the projector only, it will help join the projectors.


Installing the projector on the ceiling is not a piece of cake, but these two methods are the most convenient to use without leaving any web of wires open in the room or attic. It avoids any risks of damage to a projector in the future. If you are a technician or haven’t installed the outlet before, try to plan everything precisely, or you can contact any professional who can handle all the work neatly, and you don’t have to deal with it all by yourself. By the end of the article, now you know how to run power to ceiling-mounted projector.

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