How To Project Laptop Screen To Wall Without Projector

Projectors are a great way to create an entertaining movie night or game night to enjoy time with your friends. Since the invention of projectors, everybody has loved big-screen displays from the comfort of their place without struggling over the small TV screen.

But if you are saying that you can not put up your money on buying a projector but still wants to achieve a large screen projection.

Then we are sure that our article on how to project laptop screen to wall without projector. Most of you might be surprised, but we will assure you that creating your DIY projector will be fun. So let’s quickly find out what raw material you will need and start with the process.

Items You Will Use To Form A DIY Projector

We will mention a list of items below that you will require before building the projector. These are simple items that you can grab from any store around you to make the projector more precisely by following the instructions:

  • Cardboard Box ( Large enough for a smartphone or laptop placement)
  • Scissors or Cutter
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Glue or Fevicol
  • Double Side Tape
  • Black Colored Paper Or Paint
  • Measuring ruler or Pencils

How To Project Laptop Screen To Wall Without Projector

Many of you might be interested in knowing how to project image on wall from laptop. So let’s start with the processor instructions to make your DIY projector. Here are the steps:

1. Right Size Of The Box

One of the most crucial steps in creating a projector is finding a cardboard box of the correct size. Otherwise, it can be challenging to adjust the image later on the bigger screen. So always get the appropriate box which should be large enough to place the laptop.

You should have space for moving the laptop screen inside the box, and there should be no holes in the corners. Otherwise, the light entering the box will ruin the picture quality on the screen entirely.

2. Choose The Right Size Of The Lens

Buy a magnifying glass similar to the size of the laptop to convert pictures accurately from a laptop to the wall. If you have the right lens size, move to the next step.

3. Install The Lens Correctly

Now, before installing the lens, if this is the first time, we suggest you keep an extra cardboard box in your home if you ruin the box. Take the marker or pencil and adequately measure the lens on one end of the box.

After taking measurements of the lens, cut the size of the lens from the box precisely so that you can secure the place of the lens. Use a knife and cutter to make the proper cutting on the box. Now insert the lens and secure it correctly by using the double-sided tapes so that it will not leave its place.

4. Cover The Box With Black Paper

To reduce any extra refraction of light, you need to convert the box’s interior with black paper or use black paint to apply it to the wall of the box. Don’t cover the lens with paint. Now let the container sit for a few hours to dry the paint thoroughly.

5. Place Laptop Inside The Box

Coming to the final step, now we have to keep the laptop inside the box so that it can sit in the proper spot. Adjust the lens and screen distance to get exact larger screen pictures on the wall.

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How To Flip Orientation Of The Image

In this case, you need to change the complete orientation of the images or videos on your laptop. You can go to the Control Panel on your laptop and look for the settings of the displaying pictures. Now you can change the orientation to the landscape, which automatically adjusts the inverted image on the wall. Otherwise, you can also use the Video editor software present on our laptop that you can use to flip the image.

How To Project Mobile Screen On Wall Without Projector

We have created a DIY projector in the above steps, which you can alter according to the size of your device for the projection. If you intend to use a mobile device, you follow the same steps of building the projector. The exception here is that you need a small box and lens for creating a small setup. After that, you can place the mobile phone in the place of the laptop to get the screen projection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you project on a wall without a projector?

You can use a flashlight or a DIY projector to get the desired image on the wall. You will need simple items to create a projector or a cardboard box. After that, you can place the mobile device or laptop and adjust the picture to get the same screen quality as the actual projector.

Can we project the laptop screen on wall?

There can be two methods that you can use to get the projection on the wall from the laptop screen. One of them includes buying a new projector or another if you will create your projector. If you cannot purchase a projector, you create a projector to get the bigger pictures from the laptop.

Can I use laptop as a projector?

An alone projector will not do the trick, but you can get the box, create a proper place for fixing the magnifying lens and make the interior of the box black and now you can place the laptop to get the magnified screen pictures.


If you cannot afford to spend on a high-end projector, this DIY projector can help get enlarged pictures. It will provide you with similar large pictures as the projector, which allows you to enjoy movies with your friends. You can keep our detailed guide on how to project laptop screen to wall without projector to help you out with further queries.

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