How To Mount A Projector Without Drilling Into Wall

After buying the new projector screen, you will feel fascinated and want to try it quickly, but you don’t want to drill holes in your walls, or maybe live in the rentals that do not allow you to drill wall holes. The question arises of how to mount a projector without drilling or where you should mount it. Of course, drilling holes does not make sense in every case.

What if you want to shift the projector by a few inches after a few days? You will not be drilling again. Moreover, it will hinder the looks or security provided by the wall to your room. Today we will tell you different ways to mount the projector without hassles or damaging the walls.

Where To Mount The Projector Screen?

Deciding where you should place your projector is the crucial step in the beginning. You don’t want to mess this up. Otherwise, you will end up hampering the image quality and get a lousy view. We suggest you always choose a place opposite your sitting area or area with minor disturbance to achieve better placement.

Always keep the lighting direction in mind before placing the screen to not ruin the whole big-screen experience. Avoid hallways to disturb the view or emit light from the projector. Let’s start with how to mount a projector without drilling ceiling.

How To Mount A Projector Without Drilling In An Apartment?

We have drafted a list of options that you can use to achieve a mount for a projector to easily use them. Choose the best option suited to your apartment or room.

1. L Shape Wall Hangers

L-shaped wall hangers are a great option to place the projector screen without drilling. If you have less space in your room or no screen stand, these L-shape wall hangers are flexible.

Stick the hanger on the wall or ceiling where you plan to hang your screen. The hanger sticks to the place with strong glue or adhesive present on it. It will stay in place and keep the screen on the hanger.

You can create your DIY hanger made up of plastic, PVC, or wood if you do not want to put money into purchasing these hangers. Always use strong and durable material to keep the screen in place.

2. Projector Stands

Projector stands or shelves are the safest and most portable way how to mount a projector without mounting holes. You don’t need any technical help from the experts to set up the screen. It allows the best view of the minor complication ever.

Before using them, you don’t need to take measurements or worry about the fixed location. Just shift the stand and use the screen accordingly whenever you want to change.

3. Hardwall Hangers

These wall hangers are a durable and robust method to hold big projector screens on the wall. Tap the nail that comes with these hangers on the wall so that you can mount the projector screen on it.

No hard drilling saves you a lot of effort. Place the screen by taking proper measurements so that you don’t need to make adjustments later.

4. Brick Clamps

Bright Clamps are one of the convenient options to hang the projector screen without drilling into the wall or damaging the wall structure. Find how deeply the mortar is settled in your brick wall so that you can easily choose the brick clamp according to it. Keep reading our guide on how to mount a projector without drilling.

A brick clamp is a tool with one end looking like a saw with a spring, and the other has an L-shape structure to hang the screen. Always keep in mind the bricks should be straight or smooth on the wall. If you are not sure about the process, you can take help from the experts for the proper placement of the screen.

5. Hanging Strips

Hanging strips are a hassle-free or most effortless way to hang the projector screen. It can hold up to 15 pounds of weight which is enough for the screen. It is cheap and straightforward to install when you are focused on how to mount a projector without drilling rental. There are several strips available in the pack. Clean the area where you will mount the screen. Remove every dirt, dust, or moisture from the wall so that strip will not slip away from the projector. Otherwise, it will ultimately damage the screen.

Remove the cover from the strip and paste one strip on the projector or another strip on the wall. After placing the strip correctly, place the screen and hold it for at least one minute to properly secure the screen in a place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mount a projector into drywall?

You can mount the projector on the drywall, but it will not support the heavy projector screen entirely. For example, 100 inches is heavy for the drywall. Try to screw the support or fix the screen on the ceiling joists with which your drywall is attached.

How do you mount a projector screen to the wall?

Find the appropriate length of the height. Now use the stud detector to find the stud wall under the wall. Mark those places with the proper marker and secure the brackets with the power tools to place the projector screen.

How do you mount a projector screen without studs?

You can use steel anchor bolts which are great for holding a heavy projector screen if you want to skip the usage of studs. It will quickly secure the place on the walls or ceiling without causing any damage to the screen.

How do you mount a projector without holes?

There are different ways to mount a projector without the holes, such as Projector Screen Stand, L-Shaped wall hangers, Hardwall Hangers, Using Hanging Strips, Brick Clamps & Command hooks.


Overall we have provided all the decent alternatives and essential tips that you need for how to mount a projector without drilling. We hope these tips will be helpful for you. For more detail or information on projectors, keep reading our articles. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any further queries.

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