How To Make A Projector With A Flashlight (Best Ways)

If you need a gadget, that does not mean you have to spend a fortune on buying a new one. You need to be creative, or sometimes DIY devices give you the same results, which can be interesting. Not everyone can afford to have high-end projectors to enjoy the big-screen display. So, today we came up with an idea or guide on how to make a projector with a flashlight that interests many gadget freaks who love to create their gadget by collecting material.

Before starting with the post, we would love to share that all the material on the list is easy to find and does not cost you much money. You can visit the nearby store to grab whatever is missing from the list.

Talking about the effectiveness, many of you will doubt the results, which is an undeniable question. However, still, you can get good results rather than no results at all. They can’t be multifunctional like the latest projectors we all have in the market. It is genuine that we will introduce how to make a cheap and straightforward way to create a DIY projector at home.

We know that all readers will follow the same steps we share in the article, but we suggest you stay precisely accurate as we share with you. Otherwise, it can land where you will get no results. So, let’s start with the items you need to create a projector.

Items You Need To Start Before Following The Instructions

Here are the few items you need to grab from your nearby store or search your home before you start making the projector. You can easily find the things such as a flashlight, glue, or cutters at your home. So, let’s begin with the list of items:

  • Magnifying glass
  • Flashlight
  • Cutter, Scissors, or Knife
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Transparent sheets for creating the picture films.
  • Strong glue for holding the projector in place.
  • Styrofoam for making the vertical base or stands to have the lens and flashlight.

How To Make A Projector With A Flashlight

a black-colored torch is placed on a wooden table.

Here are the instructions that you need to follow precisely to make an accurate projector without ruining the setup:

  1. First, you need a transparent film of plastic, a flashlight, and magnifying glass to start making the projector.
  2. Cut the styrofoam into three big square shapes. Take the first piece and draw a square shape to fit the transparent sheet films you will use as slides. The form should be similar to the size of the glass lens you are using.
  3. Now, remove the square shape with the help of the cutter that you have drawn on the styrofoam piece.
  4. Use the second piece of styrofoam. You will stick the magnifying glass lens vertically and fix it by using glue in the center.
  5. You also have to make two small vertical stands with styrofoam by making hollow semicircle shapes on each piece’s end. It will help in holding the flashlight in a horizontal position.
  6. Gather all the elements on one horizontal base of styrofoam and secure them with adhesive so that they will not move.
  7. Take some transparent sheets to use as slides. You can draw anything on them with the marker to use in the setup.
  8. Always keep the slides in a reverse direction to have the correct orientation on a big display. You can fix the position of the lens at the end according to the adjustment of the image. So, now the flashlight projector is ready to use.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Flashlight Projector?

It might seem simple, but there are multiple things that you can enjoy about this projector. You can create it by yourself using simple items that you can find at home or a nearby store. The making process is exciting and fun that you cannot get it with a real projector.

It will bring more brightness to the picture slides and make them more prominent on the screen, which is an essential function of every projector. If you make such a projector at home, there is no need for maintenance as whenever the projector is at fault, you can quickly solve it.

Note: It is only helpful to project the visual slides, but in the case of videos and games, you can’t use this projector which is a big disappointment. There will be no audio that it will produce, and you cannot connect it to any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my flashlight as a projector?

You can use the flashlight as a projector where it plays the role of a light source which you can use to pass the light through the magnifying lens onto the wall. Now you can use any transparent sheet with pictures between the lens and flashlight to get a bigger display screen.

How do I project an image without a projector?

you can create your DIY projector with or without the flashlight and use your mobile or laptop device as the streaming device for getting large output on the screen or wall Without a projector.

How do I project my phone with a flashlight?

You can use your mobile device with an app and flashlight. You have to download any flashlight video editor from the play store. After downloading, you can use it to play any video from your mobile device to project on the wall with a flashlight.


Trying something out of the box is constantly engaging. The same goes for the projector we have just created with a simple flashlight. Who would think that flashlight can be used in creating a projector. It is not a power-driven projector that gives you tons of functions on a single click but still projects decent output on the widescreen.

It can save you tons of money that you will spend on buying the projector, or making a projector is so much fun. All the steps given in our article on how to make a projector with a flashlight are simple and easy to follow. It can perform more straightforward actions such as making the pictures large and project slides. You can use it for the simple presentation of slides in an emergency or if you are a student that wants to have a projector.

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