How To Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling?

Not everybody out there is a fan of mounting a projector screen on the wall. It requires more space or effort to mount the screen projector on the wall. To overcome this problem, hanging a projector screen with the ceiling is the best solution. We know some people might be afraid of the idea of hanging the screen in the air with the ceiling.

But our article today will provide you with step-by-step instructions for finding how to hang projector screen from ceiling. Let’s start with our guide then. Stay tuned!

Best Places To Mount Your Projector Screen

While mounting the screen in your home, deciding the perfect place sounds a bit tricky to most people. Don’t worry, and we will tell you some of the easy tricks to find the best place for hanging the screen without any interruptions.

  • Avoid the places with the incoming light, windows, or the place where outdoor lighting directs on the screen; otherwise, you cannot receive the best viewing experience.
  • Try not to hang the projector screen on the door or between the hallways. It will create a lot of interruptions or disturbances while watching any movies or shows.
  • The best place is to hang the screen opposite your couch or any sitting area where you will see the screen from every corner.
  • After deciding the place, one of the most important things to find before hanging the screen is joists in the ceiling, as we all know that drywall is not capable of handling heavyweights. So, we need to find a stud to achieve a strong anchor with the help of a stud finder. You can mark the places with the marker to adjust the final places for how to hang projector screen from ceiling chain.

What You Need For How To Hang Projector Screen From Ceiling

These are the essential tools that you will need to hang a projector screen to the ceiling:

  • Ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Eye Bolt screws or toggle bolts
  • Snap links
  • Hook snaps
  • L brackets
  • Marker
  • Ceiling hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finder
  • Extra screws, nuts, and bolts

How To Hang A Projector Screen From A Drop Ceiling?

You will use mounting brackets with the thread rods and washer for hanging the screen. Connect the bracket with the threaded rod and add the washer over it. Secure the brackets against the tile by tightening the nuts over each rod using the wrench.

Hang the screen from the bracket by using the additional hardware you receive with the projector screen, and now it is ready to use.

Tips For Safety While Mounting The Projector Screen

Here are some of the easy tips of safety that will help you while working on how to hang projector screen from ceiling powered:

  • Don’t drill too much inside the hole to avoid damaging the ceiling.
  • Take help from installation experts if the screen is heavy.
  • Choose a light projection screen for better installation.
  • Handle all the tools careful and take help from your family members.
  • Tighten everything and check once before hanging the screen.

How To Install A Projector Screen On The Ceiling?

Step 1: We have compiled a small list of the tools or things you will need before installing your screen. Please go through them and their function for how to use them.

Step 2: Prepare your projector screen for hanging with the ceiling. If the screen is already given with the bracket connectors, you need eye bolts, screws, and hook snaps to install it.

Step 3: Now, find the joists or stud in the wood ceiling to get a more secure anchor for hanging the screen, or you can screw up the brackets into the middle of the joists. It will help the screws to fix the position of the brackets.

Step 4: First method for how to hang projector screen from ceiling mount. Put an eyebolt screw to fix in the ceiling and take the hook straps to connect with the eyebolts.

Step 5: Second method: you can also toggle bolts to give more security to your projector screen. In the case of toggle bolts, remove the wings and connect the ceiling hooks. Remember to attach the removed wings with the toggle bolt again.

Now insert the toggle bolt by folding the wings in the ceiling stud with the drilled hole. In the end, tighten the hook or bolt with the screwdriver.

Step 6: Now, coming to install the screen, you will need extra hands to lift the screen to the eyebolt’s loop. Insert the hooks attached to the screen in the loop to connect the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Drill Into The Ceiling?

It would help if you were careful while drilling into the ceiling to find out where the electrical cables or metal pipes are. If you are reckless while drilling a hole, you probably damage the existing installation of electrical wires. Always be patient and use the Stud Finder to make the desired hole.

How do you hang a large projector screen?

Choosing the screen size depends upon the size of the room, throwing distance, or the projector screen size. It would be best to keep the distance of 24 inches to 35 inches above the ground, or the eye level should be at ⅓ of the projector screen for the best view.

Can you mount a projector to the drywall ceiling?

Yes, you can mount your projector screen to the drywall ceiling, but it is not recommendable. Screen mounting depends upon the weight of the screen you wish to hang. If it is more than 8 – 10 pounds, then you might need additional support to hang the screen without damaging the screen in the future.


In Conclusion, you now know how to hang projector screen from ceiling. Hanging the screen from the ceiling can be challenging if you are not completely aware of the precautions you need to take before starting the procedure. We always suggest you hire screen installation experts to secure an appropriate place to avoid the future risk to your projector screen for a heavy projector screen.

We hope our article will help you in placing your screen successfully. If you have any further queries, do let us know in the comment section.

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