How To Connect Firestick To Projector

These days streaming online for entertainment is obvious and sounds familiar to everyone. Nobody relies on the old setup boxes or cable methods for watching their favorite shows and movies. Have you ever heard of the Fire TV stick? We are sure you do. Then today, we will unleash all your queries regarding how to connect Firestick to projector.

You might think it is easy, but some people might feel challenged while dealing with the advanced TV boxes and different versions of firesticks available on the market. Let’s get the easy tricks in handy to help you!

Does The Fire TV Stick Work With A Projector?

Fire TV Stick is the streaming device for downloading your favorite tv channels, movies, or apps to your tv box. It would help if you had an HDMI port or HDMI stick with your television. Once you have all the requirements, it will convert your old TV into a smart TV.

Finally, yes, the Fire TV Stick works with the projector. It is a device without any cables, so you can easily connect the firestick with the projector by following our step-by-step guide on how to connect Firestick to projector.

You will be thrilled to have more than thousands of options for movies and TV programs for sports, music, or entertainment shows, including paid or free platforms, once you lay a hand over a firestick. You can also switch to better picture quality from high definition to Ultra HD.

How Do I Connect My Fire Stick To My Projector?

Here are the two methods you can follow to establish an easy connection between the Firestick and your projector:

How To Connect Firestick To Projector With HDMI

  • Connect your Firestick with the USB cable and another end to the power source.
  • Now, find out whether the HDMI port is present on the back of your projector. If not, try the second method we have listed for you below.
  • After locating the HDMI port, connect the Firestick directly to the port, or you can use an HDMI cable to secure it.
  • Once the connection is set up, please turn on the projector, and it is ready to use with the Firestick.

How To Connect Firestick To Projector Without HDMI

Suppose you are using a projector that does not have an HDMI port. In that case, you need a connecting medium: an adapter that works as the output port for the Firestick and an input port for the projector that supports the signals your projector receives.

  • Connect the Firestick to the USB cable and the adapter you will use for the projector, which works as an HDMI input.
  • Plugin and connect the respective wires of the adapter to the correct outlets present on the projector.
  • Once you fix all the connections, turn on the projector to use.

How Do I Get Sound From My Fire TV Stick To My Projector?

Without a proper sound system, you can not enjoy the firestick to its fullest. There are two appropriate methods to set up the sound system.

  • One method includes the speakers you generally receive with the projector. If they have the best audio quality, you will use them once the projector is connected.
  • The second method is to use an external pair of speakers. They can be paired by using Bluetooth settings you will see on the firestick once it gets connected to the projector. You can also use an HDMI audio extractor or HDMI kit to receive the best sound quality.

How To Connect Firestick To Vankyo Projector

Once you connected the USB cable to the USB port present on the Firestick, now you can connect the Firestick to any HDMI port ( H1 or H2) present on the Vankyo projector. Keep in mind that a USB should be connected to the power outlet.

Now turn on the projector and select the input source you used to connect the firestick, which means H1 or H2. Now you can navigate the interface through the firestick remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect a Fire Stick to a projector and get audio?

Connect your Firestick with the projector by using an HDMI cable, and then plug the cable into the HDMI port on the projector. Keep the Firestick in the power outlet. Once you have connected the power outlet to the Firestick, you are good to go. For the audio output, connect your in-built or Bluetooth speakers.

How do I connect a Fire Stick remote to a projector?

After connecting your Firestick to your projector, your screen will collect information regarding the brand you use for your remote and how much volume you like to set up. Once you confirm all the options, your remote will be connected to use with the projector. For more queries, keep reading how to connect firestick to projector.

Why won’t my Fire Stick work on my projector?

Connect the Firestick with the projector with the help of the HDMI port and HDMI cables. Now, turn on the projector. Connect the projector with Firestick through an HDMI-RCA adapter if there is no HDMI port. Adjust the correct settings for the video on the projector, and now try to use your Firestick again.

How do I get sound from my Firestick to my projector?

Once you turn on the projector after connecting the Fire Stick to the projector through HDMI cable and power source, now for the sound, you can set up your Bluetooth speakers with the firestick or HDMI audio extractor to get audio output.


Using a Fire Stick opens up a whole new entertainment world for most home theater systems. You can browse any library to access the show you want. After setting up a proper connection between the sound system, projector, or Fire Stick, you will add an extra massive choice with immense experience sitting at home.

We hope you will create a setup by following our guide on how to connect Firestick to projector. Please do let us know in the comment section if you have any more queries regarding using the firestick.

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