Quick Ways On How To Connect A Speaker To A Projector?

Choosing the right projector is not enough. You don’t want to compromise on the sound quality or how you need to set up your speakers or sound system in the home. You should do what you need to get optimal sound quality while watching your movie on the bigger screen. Yes, sometimes the in-built speakers do not perform up to your expectations, so you need to find out how to connect a speaker to a projector or other external sound devices ( wireless or wire). To set up the correct sound system or to get an appropriate sound system, try the methods we will discuss in the article so that you can connect speakers effortlessly.

Here are some of the different methods to connect various sound devices with your projector in no time.

Types Of Projector Connectivity:

  1. Via Bluetooth: If your projector or speakers support Bluetooth connectivity, you do not need extra wires or audio cables to set up the wireless connection. You can get an audio output instantly once connected.
  2. Via Audio Jack: The 3.5mm analog cables or audio jack connects to multiple devices with laptops, tablets, phones, or projectors. You need to join the audio jack as input to your speakers and output to projectors.
  3. Via RC Connectors: RCA connectors help in connecting to stereo speakers. The projector with the RCA inputs needs one cable to give the proper audio output.

How Do You Connect A Speaker To A Projector

While connecting external speakers with the projector, there will be four ways to boost audio output. Find out different ways how to connect projector to wireless speakers:

  1. Stereo Speakers: Connect the single powered or stereo speaker with your projector to ensure you receive an optimal audio output.
  2. Soundbars: Soundbars combine multiple sound speakers in one unit, giving high audio performance.
  3. Bluetooth Speakers: Speakers that are fully functional and compatible with the Bluetooth feature, can easily connect with the projector wirelessly.

How To Connect Stereo Speakers To A Projector

Stereo speakers are a unit with two speakers in them. Each for both ends. These speakers usually use the audio jack connectivity or need the audio splitter if you want to use both speakers in different directions.

You need to find what input ports speakers have: either RCA connectors or audio jack single input. Here are the steps to follow on how to connect a speaker to a projector:

  1. Connect the speakers to the power outlet or operate them on the batteries.
  2. Use the audio cable to use it in the one input port of the speakers.
  3. The other end connects with the projector output port.
  4. Once the connection is formed, you can easily adjust the speakers’ volume.

How To Connect A Soundbar To A Projector

Soundbar offers multiple ways to connect with the projector through the HDMI port. Through the RCA connectors, Audio Jack or TOSLINK ( optical connection).

You need to find out what connectivity your soundbar supports to give you fully immersed sound. Here are steps to follow on how to connect speakers to outdoor projector:

  1. Connect the soundbar to the power plug.
  2. Set up the projector’s connection with the soundbar through the connecting cable.
  3. One end to the projector and the other end to the soundbar.
  4. After connecting both ends, test the volume of the soundbar.

How Do You Connect A Bluetooth Speakers To Projector

Bluetooth is one of the most hassle-free ways to connect multiple sound devices to the projector without extra cables. You just need to find whether your speakers support the wireless connection. If yes, use these simple steps on how do you connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector:

  1. Find the settings options in the projector to find the Bluetooth option.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth speakers and plug them into power output.
  3. Once the projector’s Bluetooth option is turned on, see the speakers to connect them with the projector.
  4. You can easily use the speakers once the connection is established.

How To Connect A Mini Projector To A Speaker

Mini Projectors are not different from the other projector. You will give different ports, or maybe you have Bluetooth connectivity with the mini projector you purchased. Once you turn on the Bluetooth option of the projector and speaker through settings, you will be free to pair them and connect the audio output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hook a speaker to a projector?

You can use the in-built speakers that come along with your projector set up. Otherwise, there will be different ports available on the projector that you can use to connect your external speakers. Use HDMI cable or Bluetooth connectivity to join the external speakers to your projector.

How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my projector?

You can turn on the projector, and go to its settings to turn on the Bluetooth option. Along with this, you need to turn on the external speakers to find the Bluetooth of the projector connected. Once it’s connected, you can easily sync the audio through them while playing the video. Want to see more information on how to connect a speaker to an Epson projector, stay tuned.

How do I get sound from my projector to wireless speakers?

Every projector has a different way to connect with the wireless speakers. You can HDMI cable or Bluetooth settings to get the audio. To set up the wireless speakers, turn on the Bluetooth option coming under the setting option > select the audio out devices> projector > Bluetooth option.

How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my RCA projector?

Go to the power button and turn on the projector. Now, look at the menu settings to find the Bluetooth settings. Once you find it click on the “OK” option to turn on the Bluetooth. When you turn on your speakers with Bluetooth, it gets paired with the projector and starts playing the audio.


Everybody loves external speakers to enhance the audio experience during family occasions or movie times. We know working on how to connect a speaker to a projector can be tricky and technical. But if you have the manual or step-by-step instructions by your side, you can easily slay the situation. Or once you know how to pair both devices wireless or with audio cables, you will be settled for all times. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts or queries to solve.

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