How To Connect A PS4 To A Projector -Quick Guide

We know that projectors are one of the new advanced devices for big-screen entertainment. Yes, we can also flat-screen TVs for playing games, but what if we told you that projector offers you a large screen with hundreds of inches and clear screen resolution for high-quality pictures. Last but not least, you will face any lag in the input or output of the video performance.

After buying the projector, you might think about how to connect a PS4 to a projector. It’s not complicated for the technical person, but if you are not an expert on such stuff, you are at the correct place to find out how to do this quickly. This article will walk you through the methods you can easily use to connect your PSA to the projector. Let’s get started!

Two Ways On How To Setup PS4 To Projector

Whenever you think about how to plug your projector with PS4 then, there will be two sets of instructions you can follow to do so. One method uses the HDMI port present on the projector, and another technique is without the use of the HDMI ports. You can also connect your projector wirelessly with PS4.

But people often complain about complications in performance when choosing the wireless option. They said that they experienced lag issues or connection issues. Although there might be the reason your device is not fully compatible with PS4, you are using a poor internet connection, or the wireless connection is not strong because you have kept both devices far away from one another.

There are many other reasons, but you can quickly establish the wired connection without facing such issues. Here are the two wired methods on how to connect a PS4 to a projector:

1. Connection Using HDMI port:

To form a good connection between both the devices, you will have a projector screen, projector with HDMI port connectivity, HDMI cable, or PS4. After gathering all the stuff, we start with how to connect ps4 to projector with HDMI.

Without getting an electric shock, you need to turn off all the projector or gaming consoles to establish the connection. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the projector, and the other should be connected to PS4.

Your PS4 must have an HDMI connection. Otherwise, it will be impossible to connect both devices through an HDMI cable. After settling the wire, you need to turn on the projector and gaming console. Find the settings option on the navigation menu of the projector screen. Choose the display options and tap on the PS4 as the input.

Your projector will show the gaming console screen, and the connection is successfully made.

2. Connection Without Using HDMI port:

This method usually we need to follow when you have an old version of projector that does not support HDMI port connection. Now you might be surprised how to plug a PS4 into a projector without HDMI. Then we suggest you look for other ports on the projector that you can use to form a connection. It can be VGA, AV, or DVI ports.

Once you figure out what ports are present on the projector, you can quickly look for the respective cables such as HDMI to VGA cable, HDMI to DVI cable so that once you get the cable. Now you can form the connection because the other process is similar to the above we just mentioned.

How To Hook Up PS4 To Epson Projector

Get the HDMI cable to set up the Epson projector and PS4 connection. Find the one end of the cable that you will connect with the HDMI out port on the PlayStation and join the other port to the required port on the projector to form a secure connection.

Now, power on both the devices to hook up PS4 to the Epson projector, and you will see the game you are playing on the console.

How To Connect PS4 To Old Projector

Old projectors are more subjective to the VGA port rather than have an HDMI port. If you fail to find the HDMI port, you will indeed find a VGA port that you can use. Now, how to connect PS4 to projector with VGA. So, you can quickly form a connection by using the VGA to HDMI port connection. Use the cable to connect both the devices. The rest will be the same as other projectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play PS4 Through A Projector?

Connecting your PS4 through the projector provides you with a big screen while playing your games. You can connect PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 gaming consoles to your projector by following the HDMI port connection. You can use an HDMI cable to form an easy connection.

Can You Mirror PS4 To Projector?

There are multiple ways to mirror PS4 to a projector. You can use the HDMI connection and wireless methods such as Bluetooth and WiFi to connect the PS4 to a projector and mirror the screen.

Can You Connect PS4 To Projector Wirelessly?

There are ways such as Aries Home, and Aries Pro by Nyrius brand that will maintain your game’s new setup and offer no lag while playing with quick response.

Is HDMI The Only Way To Play PS4?

In most cases, a projector usually comes with one HDMI connecting port which means HDMI connection is one of the quickest and easy solutions to get your big playing screen. But you can use other ports if your projector holds the older version without an HDMI port.


To summarize, now we know how to connect a PS4 to a projector with or without an HDMI port. We hope that now you will enjoy the seamless gaming experience on the big screen with fast response and accurate colors. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any queries.

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