How To Connect a Phone To a Projector Via USB

Projectors are one of the most versatile devices as they share a vast amount of compatibility with different intelligent devices to form a connection in no time. Now you might be surprised that it’s not complicated. But sometimes, many users are not fully aware of the port links they will need in the future and regret buying the projector.

These days almost every projector is compatible working with PCs, laptops, or even your smartphones. But it would be best if you had all the compatible connecting ports on both ends of the projector and smartphone with the right cables. Otherwise, it will not be possible in the end. Today in our article, we will share a guide on how to connect a phone to a projector via USB or wirelessly. So, let’s get started!

Multiple Ways On How To Connect Android Phone With Projector

There are many easy ways how to connect a phone to a projector via USB. Let’s find some of the methods given below:

1. Use USB-C To HDMI Adapter:

You can use the USB-C to HDMI adapter to share the digital content on the big screen. It would be best to connect the USB- C port present on the phone to power the smartphone. Use the micro USB cable to connect the adapter to the smartphone and the HDMI end to the projector to form a smooth connection for syncing both devices.

You can also use a USB-A port for the connection if available with the projector.

2. Use MHL Connection:

These days smartphones have a micro USB port. You can use the micro USB port if it is compatible with the MHL and the projector with one HDMI port which should be consistent with the MHL connection.

Now use the MHL adapter with one end to the micro USB port and another end to the projector HDMI port for successful transmission. If any port does not support MHL, the connection will fail to work.

3. WiFi Connection:

For setting up the connection wirelessly, you should look at the WiFi settings of the mobile phone. Now tap on the connections or wireless devices to find the WiFi icon. After that, you will turn on the settings and find out your projector device.

After turning on direct WiFi settings, you will find the projector device to connect. After that, you can easily share your content accordingly.

4. Use Chromecast:

For using Chromecast, you need to install the Chromecast app on your mobile device. Now connect Chromecast to the HDMI port of the projector to help form an ideal connection.

Open the app and go straight to the account settings to find the Mirror Device’s option. Tap on the option, and your mobile screen will be visible on the big screen in a few seconds.

How To Connect Phone To Projector Via Bluetooth

To set up a connection between the projector and phone, you need to turn on the Bluetooth settings on both devices. First, turn on the Bluetooth setting on the projector’s remote control or maybe on the projector device. After that, you will hear a continuous beeping sound because of the pairing mode connection.

Now turn on the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and look for the projector device to form an instant connection. Your projector is ready to share the digital content on the big screen.

How Can I Connect My Phone To Projector With USB

You can use USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect your smartphone to a projector via USB. Plugin the HDMI end of the cable to the projector, and another adapter end should be associated with the USB-C port to provide a regular power supply.

Now use the micro USB cable of your smartphone to connect the adapter to your phone. The phone will automatically be connected to sync the digital content on the big screen.

How To Connect Ipad To Projector Via USB

In the devices such as iPad, you will be provided with a lightning port which you can easily connect with your projector by using the USB-C to lightning port cable. Plugin both ends to the respective devices to share your content.

How To Connect Android Phone To Epson Projector Via USB

First, download the iProjection app from the Google Play Store to install it on your mobile phone. After that, connect the LAN module with the USB A port to set up the connection. Press the menu button on the remote or projector device. Now select the network settings and press enter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Connect iPhone To Projector Via USB?

In an iPhone, it should have a lightning port and USB-C connecting ports to form a connection. You should connect both ports using the USB-C to lightning port cable or HDMI to lightning port cable. Both are available online.

How To Connect Phone To Projector Without HDMI?

It is necessary to have an HDMI port on the projector to establish an easy connection between both ports. But still have other methods such as Bluetooth or WiFi to connect your phone to a projector via wireless methods. You can quickly form a smooth connection.

How To Connect Android Phone To Projector Via VGA?

It would be best to connect your phone to the projector with HDMI to VGA adapter and VGA cable. Connect one end of the VGA cable to the VGA out port present on the adapter and the other end to the VGA in port on the projector. Now, connect one another end of the adapter to a smartphone.

How To Connect Phone To Projector Wirelessly?

You can use four methods to connect your phone to a projector wirelessly Chromecast, Bluetooth, WiFi, or Screen mirroring. Your projector and smartphone should be fully compatible with these features to form a smooth working connection.


After reading different methods, you might feel confident to share any digital content on the big screen. But sometimes copyright issues affect the streaming of the content on a big screen, or every projector is different according to its working process. So, you can use our guide on how to connect a phone to a projector via USB, or if you are still facing any difficulty, you can feel free to drop us your query.

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