how to clean a projector screen the Right Way

Projector screens are prone to dirt or dust particles, even stubborn marks or fingerprints by your kids. The reasons are endless for why the projector gets dirty in the first place. No matter how costly it is or which material is used for the screen, you can’t save the projector screens from getting dirty. Today’s article will solve all your queries about how to clean a projector screen.

We often face difficulties or problems while cleaning these large screens and big ones deciding on how to clean them, what kind of cleaners we should use to fix the quick cleaning and ensure the premium functioning of the display screen for the future. We don’t want to end up ruining the material of the outdoor projector screens? Let’s get started.

Word Of Caution

Different projectors are made up of other materials. Before starting the cleaning projector lens or projector screen, always go through the user guide to find what material or precautions you should use; otherwise, you will end up damaging the display screen. For custom-installed screens, contact screen installing services.

Step By Step On How To Clean A Projector Screen

Step 1: Remove the dust particles accumulated on the screen using the compressed air can. It will remove all the stubborn dirt by loosening it or without even touching the screen.

Step 2: Mix the three parts of distilled water and one part of mild soap solution. Now, take a microfiber or clean cotton cloth. Our step-by-step instructions will easily get you through how to clean the white projector screen process. Keep reading.

Step 3: Don’t dip the cloth in the solution. Damp the material with a solution. Now start cleaning the projector screen with the cloth from one corner following side to side motion horizontally with light strokes.

Step 4: Do not apply too much pressure on the screen and don’t clean the screen in a circular motion. It will damage the screen.

Step 5: Now clean the screen again with the dry cloth, following the same direction to get off all the extra moisture on the screen.

How To Cleaning Stubborn Marks On The Projector Screen

If you find different spots with stains, you should use rubbing alcohol which is more effective in removing spot marks. You can dip the Q-tip in the alcohol and wipe the area with a spot following side-to-side motion so that cleaning merges with the regular cleaning you have already done. Find more tips on how to clean a fabric projector screen below.

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How To Clean Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

You need to be more careful while cleaning Ambient Light Rejecting screens. These screens consist of angled teeth that work on the mechanism of reflecting light coming through the projector. While cleaning, there is a considerable risk of damaging those teeth that work for the ambient light and stop reflecting.

You should only use distilled water or a clean cloth to remove all the dust horizontally. You cannot use rubbing alcohol, air compressor, or harsh chemicals while cleaning these screens.

Tips On How To Clean A Projector Screen

Now here are some of the quick tips that will help you all on how to clean a fabric projector screen so that you will not have any solution or chemical that will completely ruin the projector screen.

  1. Always use gloves while cleaning the screen of the projector so that you will make the screen dirtier because of the oil or dirt you have on your hands.
  2. Stop touching the screen with your bare hands. It will leave fingerprints all around the screen, and ultimately, those prints will be challenging to clean.
  3. Don’t use your nails and harsh sponges to remove the dirt. They will more likely do no good to clean the screen.
  4. If something gets spilled on the projector, never wait to clean it later or dry it. Otherwise, it will worsen the stain. Clean the screen by following a guide on how to clean a white projector screen.
  5. Be careful and gentle with the cleaning. Hence, use a clean cotton cloth or soft microfiber cloth for the cleaning.
  6. After cleaning, always clean the entire screen with a dry cloth instead of air drying.
  7. For the retractable screen, try to keep them rolled up to avoid getting any dust on the screen, and never roll them up while it is damp after cleaning.

These tips will help you if you are a beginner and it’s your first time and wants to know how to clean an old projector screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Clean a Projector Screen?

Projectors’ screens are recommended to be cleaned every two months subject to how often the screen seems dirty and sanitation once a year. You need to keep the dust or dirt away to make any stubborn marks as frequent cleaning can also damage the projector screen.

What can I use to clean my projector screen?

You can use a mild all-purpose cleaner such as formula 409 or if you are not a fan of artificial cleaners, try cleaning the projector screen with the solution made up of 3 parts of distilled water and 1 part of dish soap. It eradicates stubborn marks or stains.

How to clean outdoor projector screens?

You can use warm distilled water with microfiber to clean the projector screen. For cleaning the stubborn marks, you should use a mild soap solution with warm water to get an effective clean. Wipe the spots and clean the soap thoroughly after that.

How do you clean a glass bead projector screen?

You can use dish soap, distilled water, or cleaning solutions such as green works to clean the screen. Use a clean cloth, spray the solution on it and start to clean the screen following side-to-side motion. Do apply too much pressure and once the screen gets dry, use a dry clean cloth to wipe again.


The premium screen does not require frequent cleaning, but to keep up with the bright colored images, you need to keep a regular check on it. We hope our quick tips will help on how to clean a projector screen and give you dazzling bright picture quality over the screen. If you have any other queries feel free to drop us a comment.

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