How to Clean a Projector Lens To Keep Them Brand New

Remember when you buy yourself a new projector, you sit on your couch to enjoy a show on weekends or host a movie party for your friends. But now, the image appears blurry. Over time, the dust and dirt build a spot on the lens, which ultimately damages the projection of sharp or bright images.

Handling a projector lens is crucial when we know it will cost you a lot of money. Our article on how to clean a projector lens will guide you with proper instructions. What if we say you need to follow a few simple steps to get a crystal clear projection for a longer time. Let’s get started!

Things You Need To Clean The Projector Lens

● Microfiber Cloth
● User Manual
● Cleaning Pen
● Lens Wipe
● Mild Lens Cleaning Solution
● Air Pump Blower
● Tissue Papers

Before you start reading about how to clean projector lenses from outside and inside, make sure the solution you are using for cleaning the lens should be mild and does not contain any alcohol, harsh chemicals, or thinners. They will damage the lens.

The cloth should be a gentle clean microfibre or lens cloth irrespective of any regular cotton cloth because its short fiber can scratch the projector lens

How To Clean a Projector Lens: Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Turn off the projector if you were using it before cleaning, and give it a half-hour to rest so that the lens will cool down. You can apply any cleaning solution while the lens is hot; otherwise, it will break the lens or leave marks quickly.

Step 2: Want to know how to clean a projector inside the lens? Simply follow the next step. Otherwise, you can move to step 5.

Step 3: Open up the projector. Every projector has a different working process. So, follow the user manual to open the inner side of the projector gently.

Step 4: After successfully opening up the projector, use the air compressor to remove all the dust from the areas you cannot clean. Spray the air 3 to 4 times on every corner by keeping the distance of at least 3 inches. Remove all the dust you see before using the solution.

Step 5: Wipe all the dirt with the microfibre cloth and solution from all the inner parts of the projector. Handle the area of fan vents and speakers with extra caution. Now, How to clean a projector lens from the outside?

Step 6: Remove all the dust from the projector’s case by using a damp cloth so that moisture takes away all the dirt. Detach the cap of the lens once you have cleaned everything. Carefully use a soft brush to wipe the dust from the lens.

Step 7: Put a drop of lens cleaner and wipe it off all dust with the tissue using the circular motion. The lens solutions dried up fast. Once you are done, close the cap of the lens. Never rub or put any pressure on it while cleaning the lens.

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How To Clean a BenQ Projector Lens?

While cleaning the BenQ projector lens, you should remove all the dust by blowing air through the air pump blower and using the brush to wipe the dust. Now, use the lens wipe to eliminate all the dirt, grease, and fingerprint.

Furthermore, use the lens pen to clean the lens surface moving from inside to outside. Remove the dust again, and you receive a clean projector lens.

Do’s And Don’ts For Cleaning The Lens

There are many precautionary measures that some people avoid, which ultimately lands them in the situation of damaging or replacing lenses. Let’s go through them one by one to make your process of how to clean a projector lens.

● Don’t use any household cleaners, t-shirts, or cotton cloth to clean the projector lens.
● Never use alcohol, abrasive pads, solvent, or acid cleaner to clean the projector.
● Use air purifiers or clean fans in your room to avoid dust contact with your projector lens.
● Cover the lens when you are not using it to keep it away from dust.
● Never blow air from your mouth to clean the dust. It makes the dirt moist.
● Don’t touch the lens directly with your bare hands creating lots of fingerprints.
● Never put the cleaning solution directly on the lens. Always use the microfibre cloth to put the solution.

How do you fix the projector lens?

Cleaning fixes the issue of blurry images. But if the problem persists, you can easily replace or repair the projector lens by not applying too much pressure. Otherwise, it can damage the lens. Remove the lens only when you find out it is necessary or with help from experts.

How do you get fingerprints off a projector lens?

First of all, remove the dust from the lens by using a soft brush. After that, you should use the mild cleaner on the microfiber cloth for cleaning the lens gently. It will remove all the fingerprints or dust left on the projector lens. You can follow step-by-step instructions on how to clean the projector lens.

Can you use alcohol to clean the projector lens?

We highly recommend our readers use the cleaners meant for the projector lens. Never use alcohol-based cleaners, sprays, or harsh chemicals as they will permanently damage or scratch the projector lens.

How do you fix a scratched projector lens?

To fix the scratch outside the projector lens, you should use twenty parts of water with one part of alcohol. Take a solution on the microfibre and wipe the projector lens to remove all the scratches.

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Coming to an end, we find out that most people try to replace the projector lens whenever they find the projecting images blurry or hazy. You will be amazed by the results if you regularly clean the projector lens. We hope our instructions on how to clean a projector lens will help you obtain a sharp and bright image on the screen.

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