How Much Power Does A Projector Use? ( 2 Minutes Guide)

With advancing technology, everybody wants to enjoy big-screen solutions without visiting the big cinema halls and multiplexes. Projectors make it easy for everyone who wants to enjoy movies to enjoy similar entertainment despite rushing among the people in the big theatres. They have become accessories to the modern and comfortable lifestyle. You want to achieve the same, get yourself a functional yet stylish projector, but many of the household questions: Is it energy efficient? Don’t worry! Our guide on how much power does a projector use will help you out.

Projectors are available in the market with multiple sizes, features, and functionality, which provides you with a choice of which one will be the next one to replace your TV screen. However, you can choose according to the factors such as projection lamp and brightness capacity, which makes it convenient to buy according to the power consumption of your use. We will also show how to calculate the power consumption to buy accordingly without putting a lot of pressure on your monthly budget. So, let’s begin!

Do Projectors Are Cost Efficient?

Projectors’ power consumption is almost the same as your TV screens. Yes, there can be times when you think the projector is more expensive than a TV, but it depends on the usage and how your projector is performing. If it has all the high parameters to give you a real show on the screen, it can take up a little more than an average TV screen.

Moreover, you can choose from the multiple options present in the present market that promises their customers a good view with budget-friendly consumption. So, projectors are an excellent option for your living space.

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Figure Out Power Consumption Based On Types Of Projectors

  1. Battery Operated Projectors: These are traditional Lithium battery-based projectors that use power ranges between 10-90W. You have to charge it up until its battery is complete, and you can use it for up to 2 to 3 hours.
  2. LED Projectors: LED projectors are the most affordable and easy to go with when looking for mini and energy-efficient. Most models include LED power lamps, as it does not require much energy to illuminate. The power usage ranges from 50-150W.
  3. DLP Projectors: DLP projectors are brighter than LED models, which means you will require a good amount of power ranging between 200-350W. If the model has Super Eco mode, it can save you a lot of money.
  4. Laser Projectors: Laser projectors are effective for long-term use, but on the other hand, the power needs can be tricky, ranging between 250-850W.

Calculate How Much Power Does A Projector Use In A Month

The daily consumption of the projector relies on the factors such as brightness and the technology it is using. Still, if you are looking for the exact number of Watts that the projector uses, then follow the given steps:

  1. Check the user manual given with the projector to determine how much it watts it uses in an hour on average. It can also come along with the label printed on the projector. If you cannot find out tag or user manual, you can check the respective model on the official website to find the exact power consumption.
  2. If you don’t want to rely on the brand labelings, you can use the watts measuring device available to determine how much the projector is consuming. It can be plugged into the projector, and it will show the readings.
  3. Now once you find out the watts per hour, you need to look at your daily usage hours of the projectors. If you use the projector for 4 hours and the one-hour consumption is 60W, then the total daily power consumption will be 60W x 4 Hours = 240Wh.
  4. For an entire month, you have to multiply the daily consumption by the 30 days of the month, which will be 240Wh x 30= 7200 Watts.
  5. Every utility power consumption company uses the parameter of the KWh for measuring the monthly power bills or units. So divide the monthly consumption by 1000 to convert it into the units you have used, which is 7.2 kWh( total units)
  6. At the end of every unit in your state takes around $1, then your monthly bill for the projector consumption will be approximately $7.2. This way, you can calculate the average monthly charge.

How Many Watts Does A LED Projector Use?

LED projectors give you the best of both worlds. You have more features than the old traditional projectors with a minimal power consumption appetite.
The requirement ranges between 30-150W. It will not affect your daily power consumption and save you from extorting monthly bills.

How Many Watts Does A Mini Projector Use?

Projects can vary in power consumption, and a mini projector can use up to the power of 50W per hour. It can be affordable for your weekend or small camping trips without much power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a projector use a lot of power?

Power consumption can be little on the varying side when it comes to power consumption. Many cheaper models require only around 60 – 70 W per hour, and large ones can range up to 100 – 200W. There are many brand models which can give your different options according to your monthly consumption.

Does a projector use more power than a TV?

Projector uses more power than TV because of the tons of factors when we come across, such as brightness and power bulb they are using. So, choose wisely according to your monthly expenses.

Do Projectors Consume A Lot of Electricity?

For a larger screen to illuminate, the projector consumes a lot of electricity. But it is somewhat similar to the flat screens which we generally use at home. So, you can choose the cheaper one, but you have to compromise on the quality of screen projection.


These days projectors offer us a massive list of features and functionalities that makes us enjoy the big-screen display. You cannot rely on power consumption when choosing the best for your entertainment. Yes, it is essential, but there are plenty of features you need to consider first. Otherwise, there will be no benefit of getting a big screen projector if you are not getting the perfect mesmerizing visuals that you want.

Our guide on how much power does a projector use have already provided you with all the information to find the efficient projector based on power consumption. So, enjoy watching big screens!

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