How Many Watts Does A Projector Use In Every Hour?

If you are someone who uses a projector daily or wants to use it but is afraid of what could be the average power consumption of a projector. Is it going to make a massive difference in your electricity bills? Then you are at the right place to find every detail on how many watts does a projector use. Frankly, when we talk about the projectors’ hourly consumption, you will be surprised to know that small projectors end up using 50 W per hour, or large screen projectors might need from 150-800 W of power per hour.

Watt is the measurement unit of the power. Don’t worry! We will not discuss any technical theories but some of the basic terms you should know before deciding the average usage of the projector screen in your home or at your workplace.

Does Projector Cost Too Much To Run?

Most people think that running a projector daily requires a lot of power which ultimately costs them a lot. But you will be surprised to know that projector screens are much more cost-efficient than the LCD screens we traditionally used. There are different types of projectors such as DLP, LCD, or LED. So, if you use the LED projectors, the cost will be the lowest because they don’t require much energy to operate the way LCD projectors need.

Moreover, there are undoubtedly other factors that we need to consider when we decide on how many watts a projector use daily, such as brightness, resolution, and the screen bulbs they are using.

Factors Affect The Power Consumption Of The Projector

  • Power Consumption Rate: You need to look at the device labels or discuss with the retailers how much power the projector consumes in an hour. It gives you a clear idea of how to use it and how many hours you should use it daily.
  • High Power Projector: If you purchase a projector with high power consumption for better brightness or picture quality, you might need to use your projector on a limited basis to help you with the low utility bills because higher brightness needs extra power.
  • Depending On The Use: While deciding how many watts a projector uses electricity, you need to strictly decide the usage hours like on special occasions or movie time on weekends. Otherwise, you will end up using more power than your average TV screen. So, be precautionary with your everyday use.
  • Immersive screen View: Sometimes, to achieve more focused or high-resolution screen images, our projector uses extra power, which might affect your daily power consumption.

What If You Don’t Know How Many Watts Does A Led Projector Use?

A white projector

No worries if you don’t know how to find your projector’s power (watts per hour ). There are three alternatives you can try to find the power consumption:

  1. Contact the vendor or the customer care of the brand from where you have purchased the projector so that they can tell you the power rate.
  2. You can purchase a power measurement device for calculation. Plug it in the electrical outlet where you plug the projector to find out the per hour consumption of your device.
  3. Calculate the kilowatt-hour power consumption manually. Turn off all the devices except the projector and remove their plugs from sockets.

Now measure the reading from the utility meter initially, run the projector for one hour, and measure the other reading. Subtract both readings to find the watts per hour consumption. Now follow the steps given below to convert it into Kilowatt hour.

Calculate How Many Watts Does A Mini Projector Use

There is a mini black colored projector on a white table.

For calculating the power consumption of the projector, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. To measure the capacity of the projector, you need to check the label or the power consumption rate that comes along with all the electronic gadgets from the brand. Another way is to google the projector; you will find the device’s power rate, written as Watts per hour.
  2. Now calculate the power per day( in Watts). This will be simple, as the name suggests. You need to find the power rate per hour above step 1 and multiply it by the number of hours you use daily. The result you receive will be the Watts hour per day.
  3. For how many watts does a projector use calculator, The electricity bill companies charge us for the power consumption in Kilowatt-hours, which means the power you have calculated in the second step needs to be converted into kWh. So, divide the projector’s power consumption in Watt Hour by 1000 to get the result in Kilowatt.
  4. Find out the price usually mentioned on the electricity bill for one kWh. Once you find it, calculate monthly power consumption in kWh by multiplying the one-day kWh power by 30 days. Then the resulting monthly power consumption should be multiplied by a price of 1 kWh. Now you have the charge you will be paying for the power of monthly usage of the projector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the energy consumption of a projector?

The energy consumption for the projector can go from 150 Watts to 800 Watts per hour. So you can expect the average energy consumption of 300 Watts per hour through the general projectors models we use.

How many watts does a mini-projector use?

Mini projectors do not consume as much power as large projectors do. They usually charge up to 50 watts per hour.

How many watts does a projector need?

Talking about the power usage in Watts, Smaller projectors need around 50 Watts of power per hour, and the large screen projectors need 150 to 800 Watts per hour.

How many watts does a DVD projector use?

A DVD projector charges only 1 to 13 Watts per hour which is highly low compared to other large or high-end projectors.


To summarize, in the end, now you know how to calculate how many watts does a projector use and how much it will impact your monthly utility bills. You can calculate on your own and decide the time duration for everyday use so that you will use your projector at affordable prices. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any further queries. We will be happy to help!

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