How Many Lumens For Outdoor Projector? A Complete Guide

While using the projector outdoor, we always dealt with the clarity issues on the big screen. We constantly wondered how many lumens an outdoor projector needs to give you sparkling projection on the output display. Most sources suggest that 2500 lumens are enough to get the perfect screen quality.

Still, there are several areas according to which the lumens capacity for the projector keeps on changing, such as dark rooms, rooms with ambient light, camping areas, an area with full sunlight, and many more. Our article will provide you with a complete overview of how many lumens for outdoor projector are needed. So let’s get started!

Does Brightness Plays A Major Role In Outdoor Projection?

Indeed. You cannot take crucial parameters such as brightness levels taken for granted if you are trying to achieve a projection similar to the theatre screen. The projectors with average or low brightness levels make the big screen pictures washed out and fainted, ruining the overall fun. What benefits if you don’t achieve the explicit details of your favorite scenes?

In case of the direct sunlight, it is hard to achieve clear projection so we suggest creating some shade or placing it on an angle where you can avoid direct sunlight. Otherwise, no matter how bright the projector is, you will not be able to clear outdoor projection because there is no comparison between the 120,000 lux ( Sunlight ) and 5000 lumens ( Projector). So you will not get any details rather than blurry pictures.

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Different Lumens Capacity In Different Scenarios

1. Outdoor Projectors Need High Brightness Levels:

If you are using the projector outdoors in the nighttime, it will not require much effort as there will be no daylight to make the screen projection blurry. Still, you may have ambient lighting in your backyard, which you can reduce to a minimum or switch off to enjoy the perfect details.

So the dark theme outdoor can be a perfect option for the projector if it has a lumens capacity not more than 3500 lumens. It will give you all the explicit details on the enormous output.

2. More lumens Are Necessary To Get Perfect Details:

Brightness is one of the most crucial factors in choosing an outdoor projector. It can make your chosen projector good for nothing if it does not have the brilliant light capacity to illuminate the pictures. Try to select the higher lumens if you have a budget so that you don’t have to face any screen issues during any lighting condition.

3. In Daytime, Projectors Choose The Higher You Can:

For daytime projection in mid-afternoon or evening, the projector should have the ideal capacity to enjoy any show or movie from streaming devices. Purchase the projector with more than 5000 lumens so that higher lumens will result in perfect picture quality. Under very high sunlight, you need to create a shade to eliminate the shade you have in your backyard.

4. Rooms With Sparkling Ambient Light:

The projector with more than 3500 lumens should be well equipped to work in a room full of ambient lights. Otherwise, you cannot use such a projector under the bright daylight or even at night when you will have ambient lights. It will wash out all the details by interfering with the present screen brightness. More than 3500 lumens should work effectively to give high-defined pictures.

5. Dark Rooms With No Light:

Dark rooms or black theme rooms are the ideal places where you can use the projector to create crystal clear images. Any projector with more than 2500 lumens works accurately to give you the desired effect on the screen without losing picture quality. The darkroom is highly reflective, which helps the screen brightness bring out the precise details without much effort.

How Many Lumens For Daytime Projector?

Daytime projectors always require high brightness capacity to fight the ambient light or other lighting entering the room to achieve clear visuals without any washed-out effects. Daylight projection contains high intensity of brightness which washes out the lumens capacity you have with your projector. Try to find more than 4000 lumens to get a decent picture quantity.

How Many Lumens For Outdoor Projector At Night?

Outdoor projectors need more lumens to give you perfect details. Still, if you are using them at night or in dark environments, you can choose the projectors with low lumens capacity, which can be around 3000 lumens, to get the precise details on the screen. Dark themes support the background to project the perfect screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens are good for the outdoor projector?

Outdoor projectors are the new trends when they have high lumens capacity, WiFi, and compact and in-built battery. So, it is ideal to have a lumens capacity of more than 3500 lumens for outdoor use in a projector.

Are 7500 lumens suitable for an outdoor projector?

If the screen size of more than 300 inches you are trying to achieve, we suggest you choose the correct lumens capacity. Otherwise, you will not get the proper intensity to get the details. For outdoors, the more you have, the better will be the screen quality.

How many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting?

For the lamps you are using for outdoor lighting in your backyard or front yard, the lumens capacity you will need is around 120 lumens, which is enough to give you proper lighting.


It has always been a struggle for people to find the perfect daylight outdoor projector because it is tricky. So, you can keep our guide on how many lumens for outdoor projector handy for any quick suggestions. Always find the screen size you want to display and choose the lumens capacity accordingly. The lumens capacity of more than 4000 is ideal for any outdoor projection without any fading effects. On the other higher brightness can be a solution but does not work all the time if you are in sharp sunlight or ambient lighting. So, don’t look for perfection because it is hard to achieve, but still, you can choose wisely.

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