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Mark Smith

Welcome to Projector Crunch

We are a group of zealous, energetic, and young technology enthusiasts, who want the world to share their passion with them.

We have a keen interest and adept knowledge in the emerging latest technologies, their applications, and the innovative accessories. We strive to offer our users the most authentic and reliable range of information on different types of projectors in the market.

Our website users will have access to the latest news, developments, and helpful information about this unique product category.

In addition to providing a comprehensive learning platform for projectors lovers, we also strive to enlighten you with reliable genuine reviews that are verified by our team through hands on testing.

Our mission is to help our users buy the best quality and most advanced projectors to meet their required needs.

Bringing together years of experience with various types of projectors and their accessories, we aim to make your projector shopping experience the most reliable, convenient, and efficient one.


Mark Smith